🎶 Tamagotchi, my little tama-tamagotchi 🎶

So I found this old tamagotchi of mine a few weeks ago. It has been my thing to get a tamagotchi every now and then for reasons unknown to me back then. But today, as I was looking at this little pink egg shaped gadget in my hand at 7 in the morning waiting for everyone to be ready for a trip to Tagaytay, I received the enlightenment I have been waiting for all along.

In the Information Age, it is undeniable that most of us bipeds have grown too attached to the internet. The free flow of data, faces, online friends, and all the sorts at the tap of a finger has left us quite vulnerable to a disease called boredom. On a long journey sitting inside the car, with the hot equator sun and all your companions sleeping except for the driver, I was indeed too prone to it today. And hallelujah, thank you, for the existence of the talented group of people who created that little egg pet thing, the people brought Toy Kingdom within my reach, manong driver for brining me to MOA and mother dear for the cash, in my hand is a well packaged quick remedy, the Tamagotchi.

Who won’t just love that egg shaped body with only three buttons to press?That brilliant congregation of grey pixels and the little chain to slip your fingers in or attach your keys? Who wouldn’t love the fact that you have a tiny virtual animal you can take care of and play without getting your hands dirty and your nose crinkly when it decides to create a giant mess. No barking, no furniture or shoes gnawed, no trips to the vet, no fur on the couch, and it’s so so cute! It does not need internet and to be charged every single day like everyone’s phone. Now tell me, how awesome is that?

Hah! Okay, I guess that’s enough. I’m just sharing all the good vibes from my decision to revive this little toy of mine from yeaaaars ago coz I’m definitely loving it. Haha!

Is yours still alive today?